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Last update: 2007-06-20 - pre-alpha release updated

This project is an effort to build a 3D simulator for teaching robot artificial inteligence. Tank Battles is heavily influenced by IBM's Alphaworks Robocode, but differs from the former in that it adds the complexity of a fully 3D scene with realistic physics. Instead of relying on predictable, almost deterministic, movement code, as found in robocode, one has to implement tank behavior by using methods that depends on the physics engine simulation to complete. This aproach makes Tank Battles chalenges closer to real world robots coding.

The current status is pre-alpha. The project is under heavy development and we are planning an alpha release for the next two weeks.

Main features are (not restricted to):

Tank Battles is fully implemented in Java, relying on jMonkeyEngine for 3D visuals and jMEPhysics2 for simulation. XML Parsing is made with Spring core libraries.

Tank Battles is licenced under GPL.